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Marcable group of companies trusts in providing a constructive platform to its clients, whether they are business of diverse nature or individuals from different walks of life. Having ample year experience in digital marketing, media buying, content marketing, public relations and direct marketing, designing and printing, web development and maintenance, product and commercial photography, videography, event management, e-business mediums. Technology is evolving the way consumers are experiencing their everyday lives and only those brands and corporations will endure the contest that accept this digital revolution and are acting fast to embrace the future. Whether it is to promote a brand, a product, an idea, an event or an individual, Marcable Solutions is your partner.




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Over the years, Marcable has emerged as the leading widespread solutions provider after working with business and individuals to design, develop and enable exceptional web experiences, digital marketing and many other accomplishments.

  • Innovation runs in our veins.
  • Highly motivated to our work.
  • Problem solving organization.
  • Analyze before taking step.


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